Suicide is Such a Thing as Normal in The World Where Everyone Just Loves Himself

The above title actually describes everything. But let's open up the subject.

First of all; don't, don't, don't tell me that I'm not such a person as in the title. Unfortunately all people who did not suffer pain in life, did not think about that pain, and his brain did not throb with this suffer are the same people as in the title (just love himself). It doesn't matter how much you deny it. I will ask a few questions face to face to whoever doesn't agree on this idea, and the real truth will come out. If you already say that I am not such a person, do not read the article because you know everything.

The world is a race square. Everybody is rival to each other. Everybody sacrifice their life in order to have more. Please, do not just reduce my idea to money. I'm talking about status not just money. Although being rich makes people gain status these days, there are more valuable things than being rich which gains more status such as wise person status, popular status, beauty status, whip-smart status.

Here's the people of the world, almost all of them forget themselves, and they live for the purpose of gaining one or most of these status. But what do they say idiomatically, "if two ride on a horse, one must ride behind". There is always a person for the first status, and then the second and third it continues. That's the people of our world tries to gain o footing in this status steps. If some of them gain a status from these steps, then he may say "that's enough for me, and I'm happy with that." However, he turns against the things that can cause him to lose this status. Some people want more of this. They are not at all happy with their status, and they maybe get more satisfied by saying "more and more" and gain more. But at what cost: “the cost of leaving their humanity”.

This is how the world of people think, and they see every possible opponent as an enemy. They like a person if he is not the opponent, and serve for him. To tell the truth, it is not liking, but he looks as if he like. Whereas, love cannot be used for such a trampled purpose.

Is it possible for brotherhood to occur in such a place where everyone is the possible opponent to each other? Of course, it can't be. At the most, it is not a brotherhood but a togetherness for only benefit.

On the other hand, there is a winner for each race and a loser, but here there are many losers. If 8 people runs in a running race, one person wins the race, and the rest 7 are the losers who wants to be the first in the running race. So, there are very few winners, and many losers in the races. In other words, while the minority is happy, the majority is unhappy.

There are people among these unhappy ones who have lost his power to race more. He races hundred times, and loses them all. He loses faith and power. But the other contestants and the audience look into the eye, cheer, so he is forced to race even if he does not want. He says "I do not want to run", but nobody listens. Everyone just talks about the races.

Now the contestant wants to escape from the environment where he loses his power to race, everyone force him to race without never understanding. Because he cannot put up with this situation any more. He lost his faith and became depressed spiritually. He is totally upset. And now suicide is the name of escape for him.

Here's a summary of our present life in the world. There are organized races everywhere, everyone is being invited to these races, all people talk about races. Books about "a key to SUCCESS" are printed. Races are promoted by art. Everyone become opponent to each other.

Suicide has become so normal that people say "Jump!" to people who really want to die. What a sad situation, isn't it? Suicide become normal under these circumstances... There are so many losers...

Where is the true love, sincere brotherhood, and peace in the world? Peace does not take place only saying "peace", and so love. It should not be only said but it should become real practically. If everyone do what s/he says, the world become such a beautiful place...
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