A Helpful Suggestion for Suicidal Thoughts

Hi my friend living in depression and despair. I know you dont want to listen my advices. If you have some patience, pay attention to my words just a minute.

I don't know what happened to you, what your thoughts are, but i know something. It is time to change your life. Change the musics you listen, change the books you read. Also the films and tv series. Change what you can change in your life routine. Change your room, color of its walls, your hair style, if you can, change your work. Namely, change your life including your friends.

You may scare of changing so many things like above. But, if you are reading this statements, there is nothing to worry about anything. Because, now you are in the deep of your hopeless life. What do you have more to lose? You had already losen everything and you walked through suicidal thoughts. What can you lose more? Be courageus and take action.

Go outside and sing loudly around people, say hello and give smiles to everyone. And make some crazy activities. Go to music market and ask them "Do you have fried chicken?" Activities like these is going to provide you self-confidence. This confidence will also give you courage and changing things will become easier. And so on.

After doing some changes, you will see that you locked yourself to your depressed life prison. You might have lived some terrible things but you are not the only person who live them. Instead of looking to more prestigious people than you, look at lower people than you and be thankful. Everything you need is in your inside. A little desire and courage can change your life. Don't wait for someone who will save you from your hopeless life. If you want to wait, you can wait a decade. Everyone thinks firstly, and only himself. Know this rule. And take control of your life. Now, go and change.

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