The Art of Loving - Erich Fromm

Here is a new book suggestion for you. "The Art of Loving" by Erich Fromm. This book must be read by everyone, i think. Some of my book suggestions may not appeal for eveyone but this is for everyone.

"Love"; all humanity talk about it, all people need it, it is the base of life, but how many people really know it, consider about it? We could reach the answer after some observation o fpublic or on the media news. If you think precisely on it, the result is shocking. Love, we talked about is not the real true love, so we could ask that what is real love? This book will tell you about true love. After your reading, you will say that i didn't know anything about love.

In this site, i talked so many times about love. "The Art of Loving" contains everything about love that i mentioned and more. Read man, read. Your cure is on reading and this book is your reference guide.
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