The Breakfast Club (1985) - To Understand Family Issues

In this movie, there are five students who are from different cultures and social environment. And they are being held in the school for weekend by the school principal for their punishment. This is the general subject of the movie.

I think this movie has so many lessons about life. Everyone who watch this movie can take some notes about the truth of life. Especially parents must watch this movie to learn about how they should not raise their child. I share it here because i see some people who have so many problems coming from their childhood. If you are one of them, i think you need to see this movie to understand the source of your problems. To find and to understand the problem is the most important part in problem solving. How could you solve the problem without any info about the problem.

As i said before, this movie will be helpful to identify the family sourced problems. And with this site, so many people reached me and i see that most of the problems are coming from childhood and family relationships.
The Breakfast Club (1985) - To Understand Family Issues The Breakfast Club (1985) - To Understand Family Issues Reviewed by Kerem Yeniyurt on 13:11 Rating: 5

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